The Art of Timelessness

My mother taught me, as her grandmother and mother taught her, that good patterns are timeless; that picking your own fabric and color and having wardrobe no one else can possibly have is better than a designer label on something that everyone else has; and that you will have a better-quality wardrobe and treat your wardrobe better if you put the work into piecing it together yourself. 

I have never been able to pass up sewing patterns at yard sales or estate sales, even ones I might not have a personal use for, because I could not bear the thought of them ending up in the trash if I didn’t buy them. When I see a sewing pattern that is sixty years old that was never even cut, I think it a shameful waste of the life it was meant to have. And so this shop was born. I think of myself as a sewing pattern foster mom, mailing these precious pieces of fashion history to homes across the globe, where I hope they will become the fabulous creative projects they were meant to be. 


I’ve been told that the number of listings in this shop can be overwhelming at first and I’m grateful for that feedback. In response, I created this guide specifically for searching sewing patterns in this shop:


For now, I keep my pricing simple because going down the rabbit hole of researching prices for individual patterns prevents me from having the time to get them all listed. Patterns dated 1999 and before are $12.20; Patterns dated 2000 to present are $9.20, with free USA non-priority shipping included. I do realize that I list patterns for which I could fetch a higher price, so if you find a collectible treasure and you get it for a bargain, I am happy for you! I love that feeling when it happens to me! 
Happy sewing!

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